About Us

bigstock_HR_Manager_with_team_behind_he_27430229-_1_ Why Work With Us? We know it’s one thing to open a business or build a website. It’s a whole other challenge to continually find new customers to keep the business open. You’ve got your hands full focusing on what you do best. Let us find new prospects for you and help you turn them into new customers. Unlike other digital marketing agencies, we’ve been specializing in creating customized advertising programs designed to drive leads for the past nine years. We have the expertise and know-how to put your business or organization on track for growth.

We don’t offer cookie-cutter solutions or blast out ads that may or may not work. Instead we sit down with you to understand your business and your customers.

Then we help you craft the right messaging and offers that will attract those customers.  Our attention-getting ads and landing pages are created to appeal to the RIGHT prospects — prospects who are seriously looking for what you have to offer and are ready to buy now.

Bonbon’s Story

Founded by Malana McFarlen in 2008, Bonbon Marketing was created to solve the number one problem most business owners face: having a consistent source of new customers. We are headquartered in the beautiful Northwest, in Portland, Oregon. Our team includes digital strategists, marketing consultants, and advertising experts who have been serving a cross-section of clients in Oregon, California, Washington and New Zealand for the past nine years. We work with professional service providers, for-profit schools & universities, and local and international businesses. Bonbon Marketing’s proven process has been tried and tested in a variety of businesses and markets. We specialize in bringing qualified prospects to your door, so you can continue to succeed in your business.

Ready to Calculate Your Potential ROI?

Want to know more about the possibilities for growing your businessl? If you’re not advertising right now, we can do a market analysis to see if there’s enough demand for your offer and which platform would be more profitable for you. If you’re already advertising on AdWords or Facebook, we can do a marketing audit to identify any waste and show you how to get more for your money. To get started, fill out the contact form. Or give us a call at 503-705-5202. CONTACT US NOW